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By surfing the typical digital footprints, # was able to identify a person just by her t-shirt and a tattoo:
We applaud the ACLU for suing Clearview AI and hope that any followers living in Illinois in the United States considers sharing this link with friends and family.


These effects on privacy do not end in IL. The # database invades the lives of millions of people.

Please be vocal outside your personal bubbles on and offline. Help others know the truth about invasive surveillance.

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Great image from yesterday in #: A # activist carries away some rightwing extremist scum. Those knuckle-draggers had come to London to protect statues of slave owners, slave traders and actors of imperial crimes but ended up attacking the # and pissing on a memorial plate for a cop killed in a terror attack instead. Truly Britains finest being carried away. #
Molotov cocktails hurled at the US Embassy in #, Greece. #

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🇬🇷✊🏼: The march in #, Greece against # brutality descends into clashes between riot police and demonstrators after rioters threw molotov cocktails at the US Embassy. #

🐦🔗: https://twitter.com/RevoWatch/status/1268293737257603072
A # that hides behind shields and barricades is #.
A government that threatens its own citizens with military violence is illegitimate.
A president trying to blame damages from violent protests against # # to #, trying to label them as domestic terrorists, is a # himself.

The orange idiot needs to be gone before the # is gone.

It's time for the # and the # in particular to take a stance. #

Github Repo for US Police brutality

Repository containing evidence of police brutality during the 2020 George Floyd protests
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