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Guess it's # time!
Hi #~ I'm Swimming, love ThinkPads, CRTs, and all that techy stuff everyone here posts!

Sadly some of my stuff's been reposted here already, so apologizes if some of my stuff looks familiar 😅
Has anyone used or come across LibreTaxi?


Its a nice idea having an 'open source taxi/uber', and I love someone pushing the envelope. But having payments only in cash, no restrictions of vehicle age and the "get hired in one minute as a driver" has a lot of potential for danger.

Would love to hear anyone from # who has tried this or knows anyone who has?
Time for my # on # and the #!

Crazy cat-girl here, my current obsession is fixing up a pile of old # laptops I got from an ebay haul. If there is anything more satisfying than a ThinkPad keyboard, I'd love to know about it!
X230, T490 and T420s.
I love Linux (Pop!_OS), writing, and am enjoying the weird and wonderful world of rebuilding old Nintendo Gameboy handhelds.
F-Droid 4ever and a loyal devotee to the Ducks that Go :)
Happy to meet everyone here!
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