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You probably heard @RIAA used # to get @microsoft's @GitHub to remove youtube-dl, but did you know Microsoft funds RIAA as a member? We call on Microsoft (& any organizations who purports to support #) to resign from RIAA in protest.

Sure # is great, but have you ever considered making unlicensed copies?
I agree, but it's great to see so many folks angered by this. Those who are against github censorship and Microsoft stealing the value created by this # community, may I suggest:

- try to use alternatives
- help projects which are creating alternatives
- help others to move
- don't alienate those who don't move, they will come
- use github against itself

My own effort started last Sunday, hosted on github 🤔 :
One way I get help people get over the "no one has heard of LibreOffice" is that I refer to it as LibreOffice. I can't recall the last time I referred to this as OpenOffice and I never will again. OO is for all intents and purpose a dead project. #
Open Letter to Apache OpenOffice
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