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will remain a place for geeks and # people (99%).
Wer an Soziale Netzwerke denkt, meint meist Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok usw. Es gibt aber auch freie Alternativen - unabhängig und betrieben von der Community. Über diese Netzwerke wollen wir mit Niklas Barning sprechen. # #
I wonder, are there # instances for # hosting? What software do people use? Is # up for that, or is there other software that I overlooked better suited for the job?
Lemmy is a free open source federated alternative to Reddit:


It's still in early beta and the federation isn't stable yet, but when it is finished it will make Lemmy part of the Fediverse through ActivityPub.

🌟 Try the beta instances at https://dev.lemmy.ml/ and https://feddit.social/

🌟 Help out development at https://github.com/LemmyNet/lemmy

🌟 Donate to the project at

🌟 Contribute translations at

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Screenshot of Lemmy instance in action, showing a reddit style list of topics with votes next to them, and various options menus around the screen.

Starship Is Now SpaceX's Top Priority : Dellira's place

To this end, he has called for a dramatic acceleration of the project.

Now, in an internal email that was obtained by CNBC, it has been revealed that Elon Musk wants Starship to be the company's topmost priority.

It is public knowledge that SpaceX has been testing prototypes of its next-generation rocket and spacecraft called Starship.

Read more > Starship Is Now SpaceX's Top Priority : Dellira's place

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The Fast Rising Competition amongst Electric Cars : Dellira's place

Tesla electric car industry has broken a record that other car industries are trying to catch up with and no one knows what will happen next

Every automobile industry that must exist in China must have to partner with China's governmental system

Tesla is seeing just beyond making and selling of vehicles, it is a vehicle that plans for the future.

Full article > The Fast Rising Competition amongst Electric Cars : Dellira's place

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Has any work been done how much money, collectively, the # costs to operate (or self-funds)?

Curious of the ratio of cost per user to that of larger social media networks.

I pay ~$35 for the VM, ~$14 for storage per month. So, approximately, $50 per month for about 140 active members. That's $.39 per person, per month, or a little more than penny a day per person.

I wonder how much it costs for the Devil's Network™ or the Bird Site to run per person.


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