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Eine Frage in die Runde, was benutzt ihr so als # fuer # under # ?
Ich habe # - dachte damit kann ich Mastodon und Pixelfed in einem Client vereint benutzten, aber # spuckt nach wenigen Tag Fehler aus und kein Content wird angezeigt...

Alternativen? Gern von F-Droid.
The developers of Signal are currently doing a user survey:


I told them that I really like the app but also that I would like:
a) Signal on @fdroidorg
b) a proper desktop client
c) no data stored in "secure enclaves"

Maybe you'd like to tell them, too?

"It's amazing how many organisations are given # access on # but the end-user isn't!" - shared from a scary but true Hacker News comment that resonates with me.
New lawsuit: Why do # phones mysteriously exchange 260MB a month with # via cellular data when they're not even in use?

Ad giant sued after mobile allowances eaten by hidden transfers

Only workaround, web browsing on # (own certificate store that includes the ISRG root) « Many websites will stop working on older # versions (before 7.1.1) in 2021: # will stop signing new SSL certificates with DST Root X1 » https://www.androidpolice.com/2020/11/07/many-websites-will-stop-working-on-older-android-versions-in-2021/
Fuck, my # # for # uses Google as a location provider even though I installed it from @fdroidorg. That should not happen! Plus I am unable to paste the clipboard into about:config.
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